Naila Qazi

Coaches! Take A Breather

As a coach, you have a lot on your plate. Extended sessions, enrolments, one-on-one sessions, and the
list goes on. However, there are moments when you can feel so swamped by the pressure that it leads
to being uninspired overall. You get frustrated and aggravated over petty matters because coaching
takes a lot of your zest, and at times, it can be highly unforgiving. These issues stem from the stigma
around coaches; you are supposed to be at your best game all the time. It is humanly impossible to be
the best version of ourselves, and the consequences of such lofty expectations are harmful.

As a coach, it’s not always a sunny day. Some days you want to block out the world and stay in your
pajamas, but the others make you wonder with gratitude. Contrary to this notion, coaches are
envisioned as larger-than-life individuals. The truth is that coaches do not have their batteries full
every part of the day, and they can’t be impeccable listeners, motivators, or guides 24/7.

The inherent qualities of coaches can be shriveled, and it’s normal. Before being a coach, you are a
human being. All the goodness can be sidelined because you need a breather. The expectations and the
to-do list will be there, but pause and think: Is it fair to put that much pressure on yourself? Despite
everything, is this okay to burden yourself with unrealistic benchmarks?

Being a coach means you are in a profession where caring is part of the parcel. The job profile involves
helping others resolve their problems and perform better in their professional life. However, this job can
be emotionally and physically draining, leading to compassion fatigue or burnout.

Be Aware

When actively working as a coach, it is crucial to be mindful. Your health and well-being are essential.
Watch out for any symptoms of compassion fatigue. If you need external help to combat your issues,
seek help. Keeping tabs on yourself means being dedicated to your work, clients, and responsibilities.

You can make notes or set score benchmarks for your well-being. I read somewhere that setting scores
for your emotional health can be beneficial. For example, if you feel slightly irritated, record a score of 1
or 2. In case of score proliferation, you can seek help before matters deteriorate.


It is essential to take care of yourself before taking on the world. Everything is better when you are
healthy and happy. Self-care is necessary, not a luxury. It is not a selfish deed to take time out for
yourself. Coaching is a caring profession, and if you are not well, it will be impossible to accomplish
your job effectively. Everyone has an interpretation of self-care. However, it would help if you started
with the basics.

Work on your sleep schedule, maintain a healthy sleep cycle, eat well, and exercise regularly. You can
also set a time frame for self-care therapy; for instance, you take out time from your busy routine every
weekend and go for a retreat. Moreover, if you are pressuring yourself with work, try to get help for
chores. Anything that makes your life easier and healthy is self-care.

Prioritize your me-time

Work-life balance is everything. You can quickly get wrapped up in your never-ending work assignments,
leading to isolation. This can lead to many mental health issues, including depression, loneliness,
anxiety, etc. You have to take control of your activities and prioritize spending time with your close-knit
circle, including friends and family. Keeping up with your social connections can keep many
psychological problems at bay.

Your me-time is when you keep all your work priorities aside and spend time with the people you want
to. It can be a long conversation with a friend, a family dinner, taking a walk with your partner, or
anything that makes you relaxed. Improper social interactions can be very hazardous. Try to maintain a
healthy balance between your work and personal life. It is the key to remaining productive and efficient.

Develop Productive Habits

When you have an active career, there is a lot on your mind. It gets challenging to relax and get rid of all
those extra thoughts. There is constant pressure to be at your A-game, which can be stressful.
Developing a productive habit or hobby can be an excellent way to blow the steam off. It gives you a
safe passageway to relax and do something that makes you feel happy. Last year, I started gardening. I
renovated my backyard and turned it into a beautiful corner. Apart from the rewarding feeling, I
improved my overall well-being.

You can sit down and consider the things that make you happy. Write them down on paper, and decide
the one you can incorporate into your busy life. For example, you can start reading. One page a day
could be significant. It is up to you.

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