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Motivation Is What Keeps Me Going & Helps Me Help Others!

Motivation is the power bank that charges me to perform well, drive outstanding results and remain consistent. Most people misunderstand that money is the biggest motivation which means if you increase the monetary benefit, the motivation to perform will increase too. Even though it is not entirely true, I cannot ignore the fact that money does play a significant role, but only in the beginning. It is not a long-term motivation that can drive results. As a business coach, it is vital for me to stay motivated because I cannot afford otherwise.


What motivates people to work better?

When I dug deeper into the science of motivation, I learned there is a lot to it than I knew. There are several reasons including recognition, money, power, meaning, etc. These factors can have a great influence on the overall productivity of a business coach like me, but the core of motivation differs from person to person. To understand what truly motivates me and people in general, I decided to ask myself a few things.

  • How do we attain motivation?
  • What are the things that truly stimulate better performance and consistency?
  • How do we lose motivation?
  • Is it possible to remain constantly motivated?


The Puzzle Of Motivation by Dan Pink (TED TALK)

I admire career analyst and one of the world’s best thought leaders, Dan Pink for his popular TED talk where he discusses the puzzle of motivation in reference to the knowledge of social scientists. He has expertise in the subject and has invested a lot of time in the field. During his research, he conducted several experiments to understand the layers of motivation. However, during his TED talk, he referred to Dan Ariely’s research where he denounced money as the “biggest motivator.”


The Flawed Rewarding Methodology

Pink rightly pointed out that there is something inherently wrong with the if-then rewarding methodology to induce motivation. He said, money does not define motivation, and it actually, destroys creativity within the work domain. Once you associate your stimulation to work with money, the real essence of growth diminishes.


What Is The Intrinsic Drive?

As already established, money is not a consistent motivation so, the question is what truly is the biggest motivator? According to science, the unseen intrinsic drive is the core of motivation. It is the urge to do things because they matter, for their own sake. I feel rewards can never replace the intrinsic drive. Contrary to the old definition, money does not resonate with the truly important things in life. If I am feeling overwhelmed or demotivated at work, I try to focus on the things that truly matter; a sense of gratification at the end of the day, or a feeling of fulfilling a purpose.


Understanding The Importance Of Intrinsic Motivation For Business Coaches

As a business coach, every day, I have a lot going on. There are a lot of things to think about and act upon. Sometimes it is so overwhelming that I lose the motivation to get going. Due to the overwhelming amount of work, this job demands a highly simulative drive to render consistency and productivity. To get answers, I researched intrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation is the behavior that is fueled by inner gratification. This means you do something because you want to earn the internal rewards and a sense of fulfillment. To describe the idea, let’s say this is the behavior that is provoked from within to satisfy your natural instincts. I do what I do for myself, and not to earn some extra cash or a monetary benefit.


The Science of Intrinsic Motivation

Psychology tells us that there is a difference between internal and external awards. According to a definition, intrinsic motivation is possible when we do something without obvious rewards in mind. We do things because of our natural, instinctive urges to explore, learn, and actualize our potential. For example, learning a skill, or game simply because you want to.

Consider having a one-on-one session with the client. Am I doing it because of my interest, or only because of the monetary benefit? Obviously, money is essential but not the sole reason. I do it because it gives me a sense of fulfilment, and gratification.


Most business coaches make three major mistakes

Business coaching is a creative endeavor, but it is also hectic. It takes a lot of energy to be on top of the game all the time. However, these are the three main problematic elements that recede motivation on a good day to work.

  1. Associating success and productivity to the income generated.
  2. Relying on comparisons with their counterparts.
  3. Confining accomplishment to only the occasions when you put a tick on the checklist of your long-term to-dos.

For a highly creative and multitasking job like business coaching for entrepreneurs, I feel extrinsic motivators can never be effective. So much so that they can hinder growth and progress. Business coaching requires focus and 100% involvement. Without intrinsic motivators like passion for your job, or fondness for the d hustle, I don’t think anyone can thrive.


The takeaway

I feel motivation is subjective. Sometimes intrinsic factors may not be as effective. It depends upon you and how you perceive motivation. Nonetheless, the proven facts and science of motivation proves that intrinsic motivation is the long-term stimulation that keeps the spirits high and boosts productivity.

Ask yourself, what brings you to work every day? Is it your passion for business coaching, or financial benefits? I urge you to ask these questions because it helps you get clarity and answers.

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