Naila Qazi


Change Management Consulting

We take a holistic approach to change management.  We work within the culture, context, and unique needs of our organization. 

Our clients come form the public and private sector organizations with complex global environments and unionized workforce. We specialize in the following:


Diversity, Inclusion & Equity

Technology Change & Training

Digital Transformation

Organizational Culture Change


  1. A structured methodology which is scalable and customized to the nature of the change, organization change history, change saturation, and context.
  2. A culture of participation, contribution, and ownership
  3. Simple tools, frameworks, and templates to built long term change capacity and sustainment
Change Leadership Capability & Sponsorship
Change Management Governance Model, Team Structure & Resources
Change Project Management & Budget
Change Communications


Adoption & Effectiveness Measurement, Tracking, Reporting & Sustainment

Organization Development Consulting

Our highly experienced global team helps you identify the underlying causes and the reasons for ‘presenting problems. There are always hidden obstacles to which cause performance and productivity issues.

We drive end-to-end results for current state assessment, from strategy formulation to execution. Our practitioners are experts in their industries in public and private sector organizations.

We provide customized solutions to each engagement. Whether it is a small or large initiative, the process stays the same in robustness.  

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Our approach to leadership development is grounded both in state-of-art research and practical experience of developing leadership capacity in public and private sector organizations. Our approach is holistic and is based on neuroscience and a more profound study of human personality.

Three levels of leadership Development include Emerging Leaders, Leading others, Leading the Business Unit.

Program assessments, design, delivery and curriculum are customized for individual groups and organizations. Program duration will vary based on your unique needs.

Our experiential and blended learning approach is focused on ‘learning through doing’ and collaborating as a team.

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This program is designed to enhance new to a role or existing managers’ understanding of the critical areas, including planning, decision making, organizing, controlling, leading and creating a culture of innovation. 

Program duration: 6 months 

Program Components: 

  • Human resource management, 
  • Budgeting and finance 
  • Performance management. 
  • Team Dynamics
  • Managing communications and conflicts, 
  • Emotional intelligence 

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We provide end-to-end expertise in ADDIE, including assessment, Learning Design, Development, Delivery and Post-program evaluation and Reporting.  

We conduct Individual and Group Assessments, Personal and Group Action Learning Plans, and Individual and Group Coaching.

Other areas of expertise include Training Strategy Development, RISE 360 Virtual Learning Modules, and Microlearning. 

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To understand your organization’s culture and climate, our team conducts a robust Need Assessment. 

We use a multi-faceted approach. We conduct assessments, surveys, focus groups and interviews to understand the internal impediments to reach business goals.  

We will present a final report with findings and recommendations. 

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We have identified common topics and key areas related to team performance. The design and delivery vary according to clients’ needs, desired outcomes, organization context and other determining factors. Most common topics include: 

  • Interpersonal Communication 
  • Managing Difficult Conversations 
  • Highly Effective Teams  

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Business Consulting for Entrepreneurs

Our team of global subject matter experts offers consulting services in all vital business areas. Our globally experienced advisors have created a high-impact program, Horizons, designed to equip you with knowledge, strategies, and practical tools to lead various business functions with confidence and expertise.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Digital Strategy and Social Media
  • Sales Management 


  • 3 months duration of bi-weekly sessions by experts
  • Duration 4 hours for each session
  • Group work and personal action planning time
  • Course manual, practical exercises, and practice scenarios


  • Customization to your business, one-on-one consulting and coaching if required
  • Group discounts and customization