Naila Qazi


Managing and Leading Organizational Change

The current economic landscape is swept by one disruption after another – the only real strategy to survive each new trend is to embrace change management strategies.
‘Nimble’ organizations that are willing to make quick decisions and in the nick of time are the ones that can survive the toughest ordeals – from global pandemics to regulatory bottlenecks. Change can be organizational-wide, team-based, and may stem from a number of factors – from technology to internal politics and everything in between.
In this case, learning how to manage organizational change is a key component of leadership and survivability in the grand scheme of things.


  1. Master the nine practices of highly effective change management
  2. Conquer the five critical challenges of change management
  3. Build a personal change leadership development action plan for ongoing growth
  4. Develop skills to integrate organizational initiatives as a streamlined approach
  5. Learn the foundational requirements of creating a change center of excellence in your organization       


The content of this MasterClass is sequentially structured from basic to more sophisticated concepts, covering the following key areas:

Part 1: Assessing your own self: What you need during change
Part 2: Planning for Change
Part 3: Implementation of Change
Part 4: Sustainment of Change
Part 5: Reporting


  • Apply templates, tools, and practical strategies in change management
  • Design a personal plan of action for upcoming change projects
  • Change Leadership Development skills for building capability
  • Resources and useful links to advance your knowledge

Keep reading to find out how this course can fundamentally change how you approach change management.  

In a world full of busy professionals, no one really has the time to go over elementary learning outcomes they’re already familiar with.

Our MasterClass cuts straight to the point instead of repeating basic themes you already know, and giving you actionable strategies applicable for public and private organizations. These strategies are scalable, results-driven, and can facilitate multimillion-dollar transformations seamlessly.

Studies show that change primarily deals with human resources. It’s never as simple as ‘out with the old, in with the new’ – technological change is the least of your concerns.

In fact, over 70% of changes fail because they don’t take human factors into account. This is because most leaders don’t have a clue on how to their human capital. It’s almost as if they use duct tape and spackle to piece together a chaotic transition. It’s a system that is designed to fail from the get-go.

Instead, this MasterClass teaches you how to set things in motion by prioritizing the ‘people side of change’. We distill the entire process of change management down into a step-by-step roadmap that addresses key challenges including employee participation, communication, and transparency.

Instead of getting swept under the rug by new trends, competent leaders take a more proactive approach in adapting to change and making it happen. As a leader, you need a keen understanding of the discipline of change. The more you know, the easier it gets to mobilize all your resources – including chief human resources – for the inevitable transition into the new normal.

Whether you’re a professional in the change-management niche or are hoping to advance your career, this MasterClass session offers a chance to not only brush up your change management skills but also pick up new techniques along the way.

Communication Excellence

Do you feel that your communication skills need to be enhanced to match your experience and professional expertise in your business or career? Do you find it hard to express your ideas and thoughts on the spot? Do you lose audience while conveying your message either verbally or written? Do you feel anxious when engaging in public speaking or communicating with clients or with colleagues in meetings?

This Masterclass teaches you how to be more eloquent and have persuasion while negotiating, presenting, selling or dealing with clients. The methodology will apply to both verbal and written communication in both business and corporate professional settings.


  • Complete a Myers Briggs Type Indicator Assessment before or during the session  
  • Get your personal communication style report
  • Apply the learning to real-life scenario-based discussions; tailor it to your business or professional environment 
  • Groups work with an option for on-one-one-coaching for three months 


  • Build your understanding of different needs to people you communicate within the business and work settings
  • ‘Talk your audience language’. Build the necessary relationship, establish rapport with different personality types to build trust. 
  • Develop inclusive transformational communication skills to address the needs of a variety of audience    
  • Achieve results, get the outcomes, and become a compelling speaker  

THE BEST PART! You will walk away with:

  1. A three steps framework for thinking on your feet 
  2. Myers Briggs Type Assessment report and debrief 
  3. List of practice scenarios to help in customization of your speaking and messages in your business or work  
  4. An action plan for ongoing skill development to gain substantial improvement in your communication skills   

Breaking Limiting Beliefs

Women and girls have strength, resilience, and potential which has no limits – the possibilities are unlimited. We only need to break the internal barriers. You have everything that it takes to stand out. When you stop undermining your capabilities and brilliance, things will start fixing up the way you want them to be. There is no need to compromise. You are here to lead, not to please. Start taking hold of your life.

In this Masterclass, we take you through a set of exercises that drive you to take control of your mind and make life full of abundance. You can change the way you think.

You will find an actionable roadmap to lead yourself to break the barriers which are coming in the way of your best self.


  • Four hours Masterclass with options for three months one-one-coaching 
  • Groups of 3 work on a personal action plan 
  • Work with an accountability partner for an extended period with an option for supervised follow-ups 


  • Understand various limiting beliefs to identify your own 
  • Learn how to train your brain to change sabotaging self-talk, which is keeping you away from achieving your best potential 
  • Practice simple techniques to eliminate kill automatic negative thoughts, feel better soon, and gain clarity, focus and drive
  • Learn how to eliminate self-doubt, self-sabotage, negative self-talk and excuses. 
  • Turn your new beliefs into actions by creating a roadmap for personal change. 

THE BEST PART! You will walk away with:

  1. A seven steps process which will be life-altering 
  2. An action plan roadmap for daily agenda and achievable goals weekly goals   
  3. Network with a like-minded community of individuals who are committed to making a change in their lives 
  4. A certificate of accomplishment and recognition of learning hours  

The Power of the Female Brain - A Five Day Bootcamp

There is scientific evidence that your anxiety, depression, anger, lack of motivation, drive and happiness is related to specific structures in your brain. The breakthrough studies in neuroscience and human personality prove that you do not need to succumb to these negative emotions. You can take control of your brain; you’re thinking and unlock the power of emotions.

This Bootcamp provides the key to boost your brain, unlock the power of your emotions and transform your life.

You will find an actionable roadmap to lead you and your family, institution, business, and the broader community to thrive.


  • Five days commitment 3 hours daily
  • Day 5 – a capstone presentation
  • Groups of 5-10 work on a group project, presented on day 5   


  • Get introduced to the five brain systems that run your life.
  • Develop a deeper self-awareness, connecting your behaviors with your thoughts and what lies underneath 
  • Practice simple techniques to kill automatic negative thoughts, feel better soon, and gain clarity, focus and drive
  • Learn simple Biological, Psychological, Spiritual and Social strategies to conquer obsessive worrying, anxiety, anger, memory and lack of motivation problems  
  • Find realistic and natural ways to boost your brain, practise positive thinking and break limiting beliefs 

THE BEST PART! You will walk away with:

  1. Several templates and tools applicable for personal and professional environments 
  2. An action plan roadmap for personal development  
    Skills to bring the share the knowledge with to your family and community 
  3. Connections to a global network of like-minded professionals
  4. A certificate of accomplishment and recognition of learning hours