Naila Qazi

Hi, I'm Naila Qazi

And I think the only way to succeed in life is by believing in yourself. Everyone has the potential to achieve their goals but what pulls them back is the lack of confidence and fear of failure. I have established my life on one principle: Belief in yourself, and the world will start believing in you too.

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You ask how?

The journey to achieve your dreams can be very arduous if you don’t get the right direction and support. It can be confusing, and you may give in way before setting a foot ahead. So, I’m on a mission to help all the wonderful women out there be leaders and evolve for good. Whether it’s on a professional front or entrepreneurial, I will help you discover the sheer brilliance you already possess. Together, we will develop a roadmap for your journey to not lose your way by getting overwhelmed. I invite you to work with me to access all the necessary tools to get through it.

It’s not your past that defines you, but what you learned from it...

When you believe in yourself, the world starts believing in you too, and to make that happen; you need ‘one strong pushing force’. For me, it was a childhood packed with struggle and an inbuilt urge to grow and do something bigger than myself. I grew up in a small rural town in Pakistan, where I went to a local school and played with kids in tiny streets in an underprivileged environment. From a parochial school to a world-class education, career and business leadership was not something that magically happened overnight; it took years of hard work, ‘weirdness’ and a results-driven attitude. My mantra is, “it is not what happened; it is all about what you do with it? How do you react and bridge the gap between thinking, feeling and execution!

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Whether you are looking to get to the next stage in your career or grow your business, you can achieve extraordinary outcomes no matter your age, industry, background, and personality. I work with you to achieve it.

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Tehmina Chaudhary

Managing Director, Insta Foods

Naila’s coaching is deeply rooted in practicality. Her success as a global entrepreneur, founder, seasoned professional and educator has helped me transition from a local business to an international brand. We created a clear roadmap with measurable outcomes which revolve around my growth as a leader and my business as an enterprise. I highly recommend Naila, who will enlighten you to transform your lives and your approach to leading your business.


Founder & CEO, Tabitha Co.

Naila’s superior leadership provided me with new skills that aided in the next level of my own leadership journey. With her experienced guidance, achieved a self-reflective understanding and the acceptance of my own unique style and personal goals. Naila’s mindful approach to facilitate the process of growth for female leaders covers fundamental areas on a quality scale. I highly recommend Naila’s Female Leadership Development program.

Chandelle Hamilton

Founder & CEO,

Naila has been instrumental in helping me achieve results at a moment when I felt stuck in my career trajectory. We planned  an action-oriented roadmap to optimize my potential, develop my skills and help me to master my emotions. Naila is highly skilled in the field of brain coaching, and she effectively incorporates that knowledge when working with her clients. Not only is she professional but she is also empathic, and I would highly recommend her.