Naila Qazi

Let’s Combat Limiting Beliefs

Are you an entrepreneur looking to reach the top, but something is holding you back? Or are you a professional in a corporate setting where you think you cannot have any career growth? I have been there, and after two decades of success and failures, I now believe that there is nothing that a strong, independent, and confident woman cannot achieve.

Looking back at my low self-esteem and self-confidence, I have come to understand that the above-stated problems were deep-rooted in my own limiting beliefs about myself. The problem was never the circumstances; it was in the way I have perceived them. Limiting beliefs paralyzed my progress both as an entrepreneur and later as a corporate woman. 

The truth is, I could have achieved whatever I wanted if I had dealt with the negative ideas that blabbered in my mind all day long. Every voice that told me that I am not competent enough to achieve my goals was a foe. It was this negative self-talk that painted the canvas around me with damaging paint. But, once I learnt to fight that voice, all my dreams started manifesting themselves in my life.


You can be excellent at what you do, everyone envies your success story, but that is not what you want. You have a notion about your career growth. However, the voice in your mind tells you that you are not good enough to achieve those milestones. Therefore, you find giving up easier than striving for something so difficult. That is what we call limiting beliefs. You are undermining your brilliance, and that is unfair to your potential. Hampering the boundary of your potential eventually leads to very severe implications. Other than having a strong impact on your mental health, it can cause some real damage in your professional life. For example, you have a splendid idea that you want to pitch to your boss, but you do not pitch the idea to her due to lower self-confidence. Someone else pitches the same idea, and it turns out to be a hit. What refrained you from becoming the superstar in this situation is that one minute of disbelief in your potential. If you had the positive mindset, and the correct strategies to step up, you would have achieved something spectacular. This small example is the primary reason behind many female professionals’ career lag. 

“We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we stop to look fear in the face…We must do that which we think we can’t.” — Eleanor Roosevelt.


Sometimes, limiting beliefs can interrupt your self-defence mechanism against a toxic situation in the workplace. It is not about growth all the time; it is crucial to protect your integrity and self-esteem at times. Limiting beliefs about your strength can lead you to suffer in an unbearable dilemma. You may be stuck in a dilemma that doesn’t like, or you may be compromising at a lower position within an organization and still feel that you are not good enough to move away from these toxic circumstances. It does not prevent you from achieving your set goals but also bruises your confidence.

Let’s combat your limiting beliefs together 

The mind is a powerful organ, and your thoughts can do wonders. Taking control of your thoughts can help you take control of your life and career. A positive change in your mindset can put you on the path to achieving your ultimate goals. Whenever you undermine your capabilities, understand that you are highly influenced by a negative thought pattern that deters you from reaching the top. How to tackle limiting beliefs and achieve your goals? First, you need to have a roadmap, a plan to set you on track. There’s nothing wrong with accepting that you need assistance. You are capable; all you need is the proper, holistic approach that will help you to move forward and achieve your vision. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a professional, we are here to help you gain the momentum you seek. Tell us about yourself, book a free session to explore options. Get on a journey to achieve everything you have ever wished for.

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