Naila Qazi

My summer reading this year!

With the Covid situation, lockdown, and remote work, this summer was perfect to revisit some of the books I had read but still enjoyed several times. Here are five books that I read this summer, and some are still on my nightstand.

  • Madhur Jeffery’s Ultimate Curry Bible

I have a never-ending love for Soth East Asian cuisine and delicate curries. This book perfectly covers the art of making curries comprehensively. The far-fetched reach of curries inspired many cuisines, including Sri Lankan, Thai, Burmese, etc. I loved reading about the history, recipes, tips, and tricks of curries. With more than a hundred Asian, European, and French curries recipes, the author has interjected some unique ideas to master the art of curry cooking. The book also extends some mouth-watering side dishes’ recipes that go best with the curries. All in all, it is an exciting read.

  • The Five Choices- the Path to Extraordinary Productivity by Franklin Covey Co.

This book provides insight into a 5-choices method that is compelling and simple. The book is well-researched and recommends a reliable way to manage work-life balance and increase personal and organizational productivity. As most people get stuck in a loop and never find their extraordinary potential, the researchers at Franklin Covey have worked out this 5-choices system that was truly helpful in stabler decision-making and improving our focus as individuals and organizations.

  • ADKAR: A Model for Change in Business, Government, and Our Community by Jeffery M. Hiatt

ADAKR (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement) is a well-known change management model. I like this book because it explains the model at personal and organizational levels and lays out practical and step-by-step approaches and tactics to manage change.

The most impressive part is how the author has sketched the framework, easy to understand even if you are not a ‘change practitioner. It’s a must-read if you are looking to manage or influence change.

  • Change your Brain, Change your Life by Daniel G. Amen

The book is all about healing the brain to transform our lives. It was fascinating and astounding how we can manage anxiety, depression, anger, or impulsiveness with the help of ‘brain prescriptions’ by Dr. Amen that can help to heal our brain and change our life. It gives you a deeper dive into optimizing your brain with the help of simple habits, natural techniques and daily life routines.

  • A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway

Fiction is the perfect escape from reality, and this book gives nothing but a fantastic story with some brilliant insights into the lives of lovers stuck in a war-torn epoch. It is the love story of a nurse and an American ambulance driver amid the dark shadows of war. The novel is based on actual events, making the reading experience much more gripping and exciting. I’ve read this book several times. Every time I get blown away by the writing style of the author and the exceptional storyline. It’s a classic by the maestro, Hemingway, and it’s nothing short of brilliant. If you are looking for a sweeping story, go for this one!

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